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Social Media Generation – Lady Get Dragged For Revealing Her Mum Doesn’t Know How To Cook


A young lady took to microblogging site, Twitter to throw shade at her parents just for fun but the end result was not as pleasant as expected.

She made jest of her dad’s reason for choosing to marry her mum and noted that he must have married her because of her beauty.

According to the lady with handle @_m_unique, she believes her dad chose looks over homely skills because her mum’s food deserves to be on ‘fear factor’ – which is a reference to the reality show where contestants are sometimes made to consume bad tasting and irritating meals which is occasionally made of animals that aren’t usually eaten.

She wrote; ”My dad definitely went for looks, my mom’s food deserves to be on fear factor 😭”

After the tweet went viral and she received backlash for it, the young lady said her mum saw it and told her to ‘go and give birth to a mother who can cook’

She also added; ”Ayy , some of you really like depth man and this tweet is really not that deep.”

People with no sense of humor must stay away from social media, especially Twitter. Ayy man.

Read some of the comments that flooded her comment section..

@hackSultan; A king and more. He didn’t marry because he was hungry, he married because he fell in love with someone.

@runitup42; I never seen anyone admit their moms food is bad

@jr__0113; Nah slandering your mothers food on the TL is egregious

@joj34268; Social media generation! wat’s wrong wit u people?

@dklaston; She is not cooking delicious food, but healthy food !

@bigjay1upp; for you to diss your mum on the internet like this looooool ???

@jeremyb___; how can come on the internet and slander your own mother

@Musonda_Bweupe; Okay but How’d you embarrass your mom like that on social media???

@Bahbah_tunde; Nah this is a crazy thing to tweet unprovoked

@KingofStankonia; Why y’all put y’all parents on blast like this.


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