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She Abuses And Beats Me Up – Muslim Man Says As He Courageously Leaves His Marriage


A Muslim man identified as Merbaan Talib has taken to social media to reveal his resolve to stand as an advocate for men who suffer domestic violence in their marriage.

He revealed that he left his marriage because his ex-wife often assaulted him for the duration of the union.

Merbaan noted that he was abused physically, verbally and mentally by the woman he married.

“As a Muslim man I will probably be of a minority who speak up, nevertheless I will speak up. I left my ex because I was abused for the duration of my marriage.

When I say abused I mean verbally, mentally & yes, physically. I will not remain silent for the men who suffer too,” he wrote.

Social media users stood by him and shared stories with similarities to his.

@JordanCLambert; Well done for speaking up, it’s contradictory of our society to celebrate feminism + movement’s like #metoo +then become completely one sided. The whole idea is abuse has no gender, equality between genders is what we screamed for + that should apply to bad or good!

@EdibleBloke; I have a colleague who get like 15 calls from his wife everyday. She’s always swearing and he is forever wearing long sleeve items because of scratches and bruises

@EhmBeeKae; I don’t know you but let me say, I’m proud of you for sticking up for yourself and for speaking up about it.
I feel like the stigma, for lack of a better word, around male abuse victims is slowly disappearing. The more people know about this the better prepared we are to help

@manallitea; Thank you brother for speaking up. Too many men are abused by women, not only their wives. Please don’t be ashamed of what happened to you. May Allah give you the strength to face any challenges that you may face!


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