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“Release Our Girls” – Businesswoman Blames Yahoo Boys Over The Scarcity Of Salesgirls In Nigeria


A Nigerian businesswoman has registered her frustration about the scarcity of hardworking girls in Nigeria due to the influx of Yahoo boys in the country.

According to the lady, she has been searching for a salesgirl for a very long time and has not gotten any who is willing to work for her. She stated that most young ladies have refused to work because of the influx of Yahoo boys.

She said that most of these girls are being taken care of by their rich Yahoo boyfriends, hence they have decided never to work for themselves anymore.

She lamented that most young girls have no idea about the real hustle since their rich Yahoo boyfriends have been providing their financial needs.

She chastised Yahoo boys to release young girls and allow them to work hard for themselves rather than spoiling them with money and gift which sways them off the path of hard work.

Watch the video below:


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