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MUST READ!!! 6 Reasons Why Twitter May Restrict You Account


There have been consecutive restriction of twitter account recently and some people are yet to figure out what they are doing wrong to deserve their account Restricted.

Six reasons have been prepared to show why your twitter account may be restricted. Read digest to avoid making further mistakes

Reasons 👉👉👉

1.Repeatedly posting identical or closely identical (links or tweets)
One of the reasons why twitter restrict some account is because they tend to post duplicate tweets that is alike repeatedly. Most people tend to repeat tweets or link to get same engagement they get on former link on the latter, but twitter is watching.

Post repeat tweets or repeat links and your tweets will no longer show up in search results. You won’t even notice that this has happened until you try searching for your own tweets.

2. Abusing trending topics or hashtags (topic words with a # sign)
The wrong use of hashtags is another reason why twitter restricts or suspends account. Some people tend to use trending hashtags in their tweet so as to get more engagement. Yes you might get your engagement but twitter is watching and take notes of your contents.

Every time you place a hashtag at the end of your tweet, be forewarned that Twitter is watching to ensure that you are properly classifying your tweet. Don’t try to cheat the system to be found…otherwise you won’t be found anymore!

3. Sending automated tweets or replies

Some use a different app to send tweets or give replies thereby sending replies in bulk.

If you are using a 3rd party software application or service to send automated tweets or replies, beware, you are being watched!

4. Sending same tweet or links to plenty tweeps in your DM
Aside from using 3rd party software to send automated replies or tweets, Twitter also tend to restrict account users who send bulk links to people in their DM for engagement.

Refrain from sending same links to over 20 people in your dm at the same time. Twitter is watching

5. Posting similar messages over multiple accounts
If you have multiple accounts with similar handles and you are trying to market or broadcast the same message from multiple angles, please stop. If you don’t stop, you will be forced to stop! Jack stops nonsense

6. Aggressively following and un-following people especially after just changing handle
This is one major reason why twitter will restrict an account instantly if they notice that you followed/Unfollowed a huge amount of people at the same time. It is worse most times when you are just changing the handle of an account and high rate of engagement is already coming up on the account.

Once you change the Handle of an account, first allow it to rest and leave the search ban before having any serious engagements on it.

I hope you find this article educating…Drop comments to encourage us…


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