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KuCoin Launches Spotlight Trial Funds For New Users [See How To Qualify For The 20th Spotlight]


KuCoin, the fast cryptocurrency exchanging platform which has been running interesting promo these days and giving out lots of funds in cryptocurrency to her users is back with another mouthwatering offer Spotlight Trial Fund

Now, KuCoin has something new planned and this is targetting its new users. So, if you don’t have an account with KuCoin, you should create one now using this link HERE

KuCoin has just launched the “Spotlight Trial Fund” in order to increase the number of new users with one of the most successful token sales. Only KuCoin users who have just registered can execute tasks to gain points and enter a reward draw.

The more points you accumulated, the higher your winning chances. ” Spotlight Trial Funds” will be awarded to 1,000 lucky participants (for the twentieth Spotlight only), providing a 100KCS quota for participation in the Spotlight.

Participants with the average ownership of 100KCS or much more than that will be eligible for the Spotlight. However, when this “Spotlight Trial Fund” is active, newly registered users’ accounts will be treated as though they have ‘+100 KCS’ holdings for qualification.

Watch out for the 20th Token Sale announcement on KuCoin Spotlight.

Steps on How To Participate

1. Create an account on KuCoin

2. Successfully complete KYC2 (Advanced Verification)

3. Enter your KuCoin UID by clicking here

4. Complete “Gleam tasks” to collect points (the more points you have, the more likely you are to win)

5. On the “KuCoin Spotlight page”, select the available Spotlight banner, then select ‘Participate Now’ to enter the KuCoin twentieth Spotlight before the 15th of March, 2022 at 16:00:00. (UTC)

Here’s the link for the “Gleam” tasks – https://gleam.io/4P9Jp/grab-new-listings-on-kucoin-with-spotlight-trial-funds

However, After conclusion of this event, a thousand lucky users who received “Spotlight Trial Funds” will be notified within a day. Users who have previously purchased 100KCS for Spotlight can make use of the trial fund quota for the token distribution.

Before the KuCoin twentieth Spotlight deduction session, make sure you have a minimum of 10KCS in your Trading Account.

If the withdrawal is successful, you can verify the number of Spotlight tokens you got in your Main Account following the deduction phase on your Main Account.

Thing to Note:

The “Spotlight Trial Fund” is only available in the KuCoin twentieth Spotlight.

Users who receive trial funding must agree to the twentieth Spotlight project’s vesting process.

To be qualified for the “Spotlight Trial Fund”, you must have subscribed to KuCoin twentieth Spotlight and completed the advanced identification verification (KYC2)

Users that win trial funds would earn a 100KCS quota to take part in the KuCoin twentieth Spotlight for a limited time.

The number of KuCoin twentieth Spotlight tokens you would receive is determined on your daily average KCS holdings. If you don’t have an average ownership of a minimum of 100 KCS or more, token distribution will be computed as if you have.

Also, if your daily average KCS holdings sum up to 100KCS or more, allocation of tokens is calculated based on your KCS holdings plus your “Spotlight Trial Funds” (100KCS quota).

Before the KuCoin twentieth Spotlight deduction session, make sure you’ve got a minimum of 10KCS in your Trading Account

If any malicious actions are committed throughout the time of this event, the platform will revoke the participants’ qualification.

KuCoin maintains the right, at its absolute discretion, to decide if a transaction is considered cheating activity and to invalidate a user’s participating qualification.

Best of Luck to all New Users of KuCoin.


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