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‘It’s Indeed A Hard Time For Me’- Actress Rahama Sadau Reacts To Her Alleged Death Sentence


Embattled Nigerian actress Rahama Sadau has reacted to her alleged death sentence over Blasphemy. She confirmed she is indeed facing a hard time.

The actress is currently under fire for wearing a dress that exposed her bare back as a Muslim woman to an event.

According to multiple reports, she was facing a death sentence and was sentenced to jail but according to her in a series of tweets, she is indeed facing a hard time but both reports are not true.

“I have received many messages that I have been arrested and sentenced to jail earlier today. I have no idea where the news emanated from. I’m therefore calling on people to stop spreading FAKE and unfounded stories…

I haven’t received any police invitation or court trial. I’m reiterating this to well wishers that I’m SAFE and FINE and I have never received any legal trial for whatever reason.

To those trying to bank on this issue to create an unrest, Please give it a rest..!!! 😢🙏🏻It’s indeed a hard time for me.
This is not the right time for FAKE NEWS. Much love to those who reached out, I’m grateful.

Rahama ❤️”

Rahama Sadau tweet


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