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Ibadan politics: Jaspa, The Driving Force Behind Ibadan A Radical Politics



Sodiq Omotosho Jaspa is a prominent name in Ibadan, his ascension to fame though gradual was as result of consistency and loyalty, Born and bred in remote village in Igbo- ora Oyo state though but later moved to Ibadan where he worked as a bus clerk(Conductor). In Ibadan, his stubborn and daring nature caught the attention of the then controller of the motor park Late Mr Salisu who was among Adedibu’s aides. He rode to fame immediately after the demise his former boss and he became a close associate of late Chief Lamidi Adedibu. On several occasions, he had gallantly impressed his boss in campaigns, political rallies and other radical issues; he is indeed a product of the Amala politics (A political approach that wills power and fame to someone through money and dining with the populace in the public)
During the Military era his fearlessness to dare the khaki men during one of their escapades in Ibadan as the time of the political riots and crisis earned him his first Bus gift(Volkswagen Transporter) from late Chief Adedibu who sees him as prospect and a defender of his course. After that move, He was imposed as against the normal routine of electioneering process to head the Motor Park in Moniya, Ibadan as a chairman. During his regime as the branch chairman, he delved into full time transport merchants where he had more Buses to his name and give out to other boys on business terms who in turn pledged their loyalty to him.
Recently, his business tentacle spreads across lands and landed properties, this was as a result of the land gifts given to him by politicians for his heroic deeds during and after elections.
In the early stage of the 1999 Political year, He moved with his long-time friend Sunday Adeyemo aka Sunday Igboho during the days of AD, UPN and NPN to PDP together with Chief Lamidi Adedibu. His alliance with the likes of Sunday Igboho, Saula in Lagos, Adigun-Danger of Ekiti, the notorious land grabber Alhaji Tahoreed Faronbi AKA Baba Alado of Mushin, Lagos etc avails him a broader grounds to operate, his tents cover lagos, ekiti and most western states. Jaspa a staunch member of the people’s Democratic Party(PDP)
A political instrumental tool in the hands of famous politicians. He is indeed a raw definition of thuggery and violent take over.
On several occasions, he has been accused of assassinations and brutal killings of innocent people but he has always been vindicated possibly because he work and dine with people at the corridor of power. He is happily married with children.
The name Jaspa till date sends fear into the spines of his opponents on political fields and business struggles as he remains one of the surviving voice of the Adedibu ideology in Ibadan among others.


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