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Feminist Prays Daily For Her Man To Become Successful So She Can Be A Housewife


A lady identified as Lerato Johanna Sithole has said that she hopes her man becomes rich because it will influence her decision with regards to working as a wife.

She took to social media to state that she is waiting for her fiancé to become successful so that she can end up as a housewife.

The young feminist with Twitter username @L4Leelo, stressed that she prays every day for him to have career success.

Lerato wrote; ”Heavily banking on this man’s success so I can become a housewife and live my life in peace 🕯🕯🕯🕯. I pray for his career success every single day.”

Her post generated massive reactions on the micro-blogging platform.

@LungeloKhumalo2; Very few women over 30 will chose career over family. I watched this lecture on Family, career, men and women and an interesting well researched take was spoke on it by Dr Jordan Peterson.

@leehle_bhengu; Until he makes it and housewife someone else. Invest in yourself and pray for your own success sis. You don’t need to anyone’s wife to experience a peaceful successful life. But do you boo

@gOrjussEyes; Imagine praying for someone else’s success and u don’t even know if he’s gonna include u in it ay suka lo sisi!!! She can rather manifest her own businesses

@SheIsRoyale; 5 years ago I left a successful career to be a housewife, I just pick kids up from school and help with homework. It is peaceful wena sis.

@Aleee_Herrr; People who assume that just because you want to be a housewife it means you don’t have your own qualifications, work experience & ample investments to maintain your independence just in case things don’t go as planned bore me

@KMSHY_; I’m helping him make career decisions because our future family solely depends on him sana.

@dhb1989; Dangerous game you’re playing. So if he finds success will you be one of those women that sticks by him no matter what he does? No matter how badly he treats you?

I’ve seen too many episodes of strangers we know that tells me this kinda behaviour ain’t good. Respectfully saying and I’m not saying he’s that kinda gent to do that but I am saying being dependent on someone else ain’t never a good thing. People always end up taking advantage of it.


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