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Cubana Chief Priest Reacts Differently As Another Fan Makes Video Of Him In Public


Nigerian celebrity barman, Pascal Okechukwu popularly known as Cubana Chief Priest, has given a positive reaction after a fan who spotted him recorded him in public.

The entertainer and businessman was in an open space talking with someone in public when a young man who saw him decided to make a selfie video to show the club owner’s face.

As soon as Cubana realised he was being filmed, he briefly posed by doing the peace sign with his fingers before walking away.

His reaction comes after being bashed for a viral video which captured the way he looked down on another fan last week.

Chief Priest was supervising the set up of his venue for the Absolute afterlife party when a man who happens to be one of the workers and a fan moved closer to him to record a selfie video.

He gave a demeaning look to the guy who was forced to discontinue the recording, though the fan gave a salute before turning off the device.

However, Cubana’s action was greeted with condemnation from Nigerians, so he was forced to release a statement.

In a post on his Instagram page, he explained that the guy was hired to work at his establishment but he abandoned his duties to make the video, which was unacceptable.

He then fired at the guy by saying that he was lucky he did not do anything other than give him a bad eye gaze.

”Don’t lose focus, stay committed to your job, you were paid to deliver and arrange seats. Job still undone you left the seats to come up the stage to make videos when soundcheck is going on when my venue is not set yet. I don’t entertain jonzing put your work first you get luck say na only eye I give you”, Cubana wrote.

But in a recent video, when a different fan recorded him in public, he reacted differently probably as a result of the backlash which followed his past action.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, a Twitter user had launched a search for the first fan who felt embarrassed over the way Cubana looked at him. He offered to give him N1 million as a way of encouragement, saying that he loved the way he handled the matter.


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